I live by the philosophy that a tired dog is a good and happy dog.


 Why choose Dog Loves Walking?


  • Dogs never lack of fresh air in a car because roof ventilation is always on. Even if the engine is not working.
  • Dogs never lack of water. Bowls always ready for them with fresh water.
  • Mobile shower is always in a bus to clean the dog if it is necessary.
  • It's healthy to have a bit of an extra movement!
  • Your dog can run, play, swim and go nuts just the way he does it.
  • Your dog will not bored at home!
  • Your dog is crazy about the ball or a stick? - No problem, I have it always with me!
  • I appreciate older dogs that make them so loyal and loving friends, which is why I take them for a quiet and enjoyable walk with a similar age dog group.
  • Dog Loves Walking is an experienced dog service that really caters for your pets - love, movement and attention! So even when you're away, you'll have the peace of mind knowing your pets can stay in the safety and comfort of your home and still maintain their normal routine.


What makes Dog Loves Walking different from the rest of the pack ?!


  Spending quality time with your furry friend is my top priority!

  At Dog Loves Walking my policy is to walk groups to limit up to a maximum of 8 dogs in a group. I think it will provide better care and attention to your dog, as well as for other customers who are along for the adventure.

Dogs get enough physical exercise while walking in a forest, dog playgrounds or at the lakes where they can swim and play off the leash.