I am Auguste, animal lover and walker of Dog Loves Walking. I am 32 years old and am in love with animals from my early years that began in Lithuania. 

When I got older my passion and love for the dogs became greater with years. I always had a dream to work with dogs. I visited the most of the Europe by the age of 18, but I have never saw so many people with dogs as I saw in Netherlands. 

I left Lithuania when I was 19 years old. I moved to in England, Ipswich Town, where I lived for almost 5 years. In my free hours I have attended dog walker training, so I am familiar with basic dog care, body language and also first aid. I still updating my knowledge daily by reading lots of books and following specific media. 

Together with my husband we had some friends in Netherlands, so we used to visited them occasionally. One day they just asked us: "Do you like Netherlands more than UK?". Our answer was "Yes, of course!". So the next question was "Would you like to move here?". Our answered again was "yes!" and after a month of packing the stuff we moved to Netherlands. 

After sometime already living in here we got a dog (see our selfie on a right:)). His name is Hannibal. He is a friendly, loyal and happy dog, always ready for adventures! He was the breaking point when I decided that I want to work with dogs and also spend more time with him. In 2019 I've got a "sister" for Hannibal. A dachshund (sausage dog) named Biggie Smalls. So I am proud owner of two great dogs!

I already knew from previous trips to Netherlands, that dutch people loves their pets and especially dogs, just sadly not everyone has so much time for them as they would like to. So I opened my own company in 2015 and started to take care of four-legged friends by walking them, while their owners are away at work, sick, on vacation or sometimes even lazy to walk their dogs on a rainy day... We are all people, isn't?! :)

 Dogs are very similar to people. I know also how hard-tempered they can be. They all have their personality and needs. I believe that there are no dangerous dog breeds in the world. There is just lack of training and understanding from the owner. Sometimes dogs are stubborn, sometimes angry, sometimes lazy or bored, but I already know, that when I come to pick them up for a walk they are always super hyper happy! 

And the biggest challenge for me so far is not an aggressive dog, but Dutch language that is really hard to learn! :)